Oh hey, SCP Foundation stuff! As if this comic wasn’t strange enough!

(Hey. So – I was away for a long time with no updates, and I’m sure a lot of people are curious as to what happened. Sure, there were issues with conventions, and the whole COVID-19 thing, and me visiting my best friend for a while, and medication stuff, but ultimately… what really happened was simple:

Depression freaking sucks

I’ve had versions of this page sitting here for a while, and nothing I could do could seem to get me to actually work on it. Now, I’m on medication and in therapy and all that jazz, but even so… those can only do so much sometimes.

Fortunately, this depressive episode seems to have passed, and I’m working more and more again. 

Thank you all again for sticking with me here, and it’s my goal to get back to regular weekly updates! <3)