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At the end of a very, very long day, the two finally get some rest. Although, there are many watching eyes nearby….

(Whoooooooops so uh, turns out that “every week” is a little ambitious when I end up having to overhaul a friend’s website AND it coincides with me doing a double-page spread. Thank you all so much for being patient. <3

So, this page is actually one of the very first I’d had in mind for this issue. In fact, it was near the end of Issue #1 that I had this very vivid mental picture of Outissa and Beatrix, camping underneath the stars and lit only by a campfire. And I wanted to do this page right

It’s using a totally different technique than anything I’ve tried in the comic previously – I don’t think I can justify doing this style again anytime soon, but it was a lot of fun to get to try it here. <3)