Oh, great, just what we need – MORE yinglets.

…at least this one has freckles.

(And with that, I am finally free of the manga beast! BEGONE FOUL MANGA! 

In all seriousness, it was a delight to get to experiment with this particular approach, even though it ended up being much more difficult than I anticipated. I still can’t believe that I actually managed to push through until the end! Thank you guys for sticking with me through this whole thing. <3

Announcement – Issue #3 of Outissa will be debuting February 27th – which just so happens to be the first day of Texas Furry Fiesta, where I will be in attendance! Come say hello if you see me!

As before, there will be a series of intermission comics from now until Issue #3 starts. I have even more ideas that have been brewing since the last one, and I’m excited. The first intermission comic will be coming out within the first week or two of next month. 

I hope all of you have an incredible new year, and love all of you guys. <3)