Even while trapped in a beastly body, it’s only the thought of losing her beloved that truly horrifies poor Outissa.

Outissa’s thoughts here are pretty much my own. ┬áSomething I struggle with nearly every single day – the fear that I will be useless and the people I love the most will see me for the monster I truly am.

… anxiety spirals are pretty much the absolute worst, and sometimes there’s nothing you can do other than hold on tight and ride it out. And… ┬áremember that things are nearly never as bad as they may seem.

(Soooo, dramatic style change here! Most of the inspiration is from Kumo-chan, although that final panel is very much an homage to my favorite mangaka, the great Junji Ito. Er… don’t worry, the rest of this issue is going to stay firmly away from Ito territory. >_>;

This is my first time ever trying to do a manga style, and as a result this page took quite a bit of time. Fortunately, most of that was just figuring things out and studying up on techniques and whatnot – the actual execution is way faster than what I’d been doing before, so I’m excited!)