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As some of you may know, all noxans have their own unique magical ability, which also comes with a drawback. Using these abilities requires that the noxan burn food in their stomach.

Outissa’s power is teleportation, but her drawback is that she can only do it in distances of about 1 mm. Fortunately, she’s learned how to trigger it over and over and over again at an extraordinarily fast rate, which gives her, among other things, the ability to get places fast.

Beatrix absolutely loves riding on Outissa’s back when she does this.

(So. This spread about killed me and then killed me even more. It’s not nearly as detailed or polished as I was hoping for, but sometimes you just gotta call a piece “done” and move on. Especially when you lose three hours of progress by accidentally deleting a layer group and not noticing until too late. D:

Thank you to everyone for being so patient and to everyone who gave me permission to use their character. If you happened to give me permission but I forgot to put your character in, then I apologize sincerely – please let me know and I’ll put you in on another page!)