(Alternate version that features a more realistic “flashing” effect available here. )
Contrary to what SOME people have insisted, that is not Outissa growing to be really big – that’s Outissa falling fast, moments before impacting concrete at a high velocity. 
EDIT [2-7-2019]: Whooops. The dialogue in that last bit should say, “that is very kind of you to offer, Ms. Wilke.” Not Ms. Rossi. :B I’d correct it but doing that for an animated page is a pain in the butt, soooo… ahaha.

(So, I usually work on my pages the Thursday of every week. However, at the time of this posting, I’m out of state visiting two people who are very close to me. That meant I had to finish this page on Monday, before I left.
If I didn’t let eye surgery delay a comic page, I sure as heck am not letting something like a vacation do it either!)