Well, that’s… inconvenient. Girlfriend’s now a bizarre dragonaardvark critter and… oh wait, Outissa couldn’t speak before anyway. 

Isn’t she just the most pitiful thing ever, the poor dear?

(And so ends the first full issue of this comic! What a crazy time that was, and it looks like this adventure is just getting started!

So! Important announcement: Issue #2 of Outissa won’t be coming out until mid-March. D: I need a bit of a break, so in the meantime… I’ll be doing a series of one-page interlude comics! 😀 We’ll get to revisit some characters we’ve seen already and maybe even meet a couple new ones. I’ve got some great ideas and I’m confident you all will like. <3

In short: the next few updates will be one-page comics, then back to Issue #2 in mid-March.)