Well. That… explains that. Beatrix was 100% aware of being watched and Outissa was completely clueless. I’d be pretty ticked off as well! Fortunately, Director Wilke knows how to defuse a potentially tense situation in just the right way!

(I don’t know how else to say this, but the fact is… I’m doing something terribly wrong here. These pages should not be taking this long, and there’s something about my process that’s doing it.

I’ve been getting more and more behind on commissions once again, and that’s not acceptable.

Thus, an announcement: I will be taking two weeks off from the comic. That means no update this Friday or the Friday after, however there will still be one more page right at the end of the month, which will put me at the minimum quota for November.

When I return, there may be a style change in the art or something, because I suspect that might be the cause.

Anyway, thanks for your understanding. <3)