Now that the prologue is over, let’s kick off the main storyline of this comic and finally feature the namesake noxan herself, Outissa! As well as her trusty yinglet sidekick/best friend/girlfriend, Beatrix!

(This cover is like 90% Heavy Metal and 10% Dr. Strangelove, and hopefully captures enough of the craziness that lies ahead. Because hold on – this is going to be one weird ride! Romance! Action! Humor! TF! Aliens!)

Also, a gigantic thank you to my dear friend and partner in crime, ValSalia, for giving me permission to use his yinglet species for this comic. If you haven’t looked at his work yet, go check it out! He also hired me on as his colorist as of earlier this year and without him I wouldn’t be able to do what I’m doing. <3

And another big thanks to Oniontrain for the logo design!)