Priceless artifact in hand, Neela returns to the true treasure of her life, and the two enjoy another nice, long sleep together, Tika’s tent nice and warm against the chilly desert night.

Tika drools in her sleep, but Neela doesn’t mind. Neela snores, but Tika finds it endearing.

Funny story: When they first met, they knew each other for months before ever learning each other’s names. Tika knew her human friend by the warm scent of sweet flowers that always heralded her arrival. Neela knew her dragon by the bassy, delighted rumbling of her laughter.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the little story I’ve told here, and I look forward to revisiting them again in the future.

The next update will be our return to Beatrix and Outissa.

(Wow. Being sick sucked. That was easily the worst I’ve been in recent memory. D: The time crunch ended up making me have to rush a little bit on this page in places here but I made certain to give the most important elements their due. And even snuck in some extra things!)