Er. Uh. I mean, hey! Look, it’s the page! Please note that this just the first of two pages, with this little interlude story concluding with the next update.

Neela is the human on the left, and Tika’s the little dragon on the right. Neela’s life is full of adventure and danger, while…. well, Tika’s pretty content with her little shop.

These two originated over two years ago, with a lovely picture my buddy Flamespitter did for me in an art trade. (I’ll be posting that picture along with the second half of this interlude.) While I was watching ‘spitter stream the pic, we ended up cooking up a backstory and setting and everything.

And now… I’m finally able to tell their story. 😀

Also! Many thanks to Sildre for giving me permission to use his rune system in my comic. <3

(On the technical side of things, this page has a lot going on in it, and as is obvious by the delays, I bit off more than I could chew. There are a few places that I ended up having to cut corners on, unfortunately, but I hope that it doesn’t hurt the overall flow and feel of the page.)